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Thirupampuram Temple Paampuranathar , Seshapureeswarar, Urakapuram

Thirupampuram Temple Paampuranathar , Seshapureeswarar, Urakapuram

This is less known but mostly powerful RahuKetu dosha nivarthi sthalam. This is one of the 276 padal petra sthalam and ranks 59th among all.
This is located on the way towards Karaikal from Kumbakonam, there will be board on the side of the road which leads to a single lane road that reaches the temple.

This temple is almost 3000 years old and beleived to be renovated by Kulothunga cholan and other chola kings like Rajarajan, Rajendran, Vijayalaya cholan, Sundarapandiyan etc

This temple is placed in the straight line to Sri Kalahasti.

Also it is beleived that whoever workships here, will get rid of all their rahu ketu dosha. This temple is placed above all the temples like Thirunegeswaram, Srikalahasti, Kizhperumpallam , Nagoor as it has all of the features of these temples together. Also Main deity lingam is formed as panchamuga lingam facing east and Parvathi devi is referred as Vandar kuzhali.

Legend goes like once Lord Vinayakar was workshipping his father, adisheshan took it to his pride as the workship is for him as he was on the neck of lord Siva, this angered lord siva and cursed Adhiseshan. To get rid of this curse, Adisheshan , Karkodan and other snakes visited the siva temples starting from Mahasivarathiri till their curse was removed. They visited Kumbakonam Nageswarar temple in the morning, Thirunageswararm in the afternoon , Thirupampuram in the evening and Nagoor Naganathan temple in the night.

They repeated this everyday till their curse was removed. This place has sevaral snakes however none of the snakes bites people, Every sunday, Tuesday and Friday people can feel the fragrance of Thazhampoo and Jasmine. Once when Sivachariyar opened the main deity door, he found a snake was on the linga like garland and it left once the sivachariyar opened the door, however it left its snake skin like garland on both Siva Linga and Parvathi Devi. This is so rare and auspicious and a picture was taken and placed in the temple.

Lord Brahma and sage Agasthiyar had said to be workshiped on this temple. Pooja for Rahu Ketu dosha is being performed in this temple to get rid of their dosha and sins and this pooja is done exactly during the rahu kalam time of everyday and the pooja cost is only Rs 250. People have to be atleast 30 mins earlier to get the things done before Pooja.

There is also theertha in front of the temple. Vanni maram is the sthala virusham. This temple has been visited by Thirunavukarasar, Thirugnanasambandar and Sundarar in devarams.

Thirugnanasambandar referred this temple as Pampura Nanagar (பாம்புர நன்னகர்).  Arunagirinathar has also visited this temple. There is also a saying that Elephant work shipped temple as Thiruvanaikal, Ant work shipped temple as Thiruerumpur and Snake work shipped temple as Thirupampuram ( ஆனை தொழுத தலம் திருஆனைக்கா எனவும், எறும்பு தொழுத தலம் திறு எறும்பூர் எனவும் வழங்கப்படுவதுபோல, பாம்பு தொழுத இத்தலம் திருப்பாம்புரம், “பாம்புரம்” எனப் பெயர் கொண்டது). 

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