Saturday, November 24, 2012

Sri Veeraraghava Perumal koil - Thiruvallur

This is one of the 108 divya sethrams and had been visited alwars ( Thirumangai alwar, thirumazhisai alwar )

This temple has been constructed by Pallavas and we can see several writtings on the walls of the temple and hope archaeological groups have did their work on these writings.

Temple is located in Thiruvallor which is 50 kms from Chennai and on the way towards Thirupathi.

Temple is open from morning to 12 PM and will be re-opened by 4 PM in the evening.

Temple has the following deities.

Sri Veeraraghava Perumal
Sri Kanagavalli Thayar
Sri Kothandaramar
Sri Venugopala krishnan
Sri Ramanujar
Sri Lakshmi narashimar
Sri Chakarathazwar

This temple is very famous during amavasya days and will be fully crowed. People who has sickness and other health related issues were adviced to take bath in the Hrittapanasini  pond (picture below) and submit salt to Sri Veeraraghavar and their health issues will be cured. Luckily when I went there the pond had waters ( see picture below ).

Usually people are advised to visit 3 to 6 amavasyas by then their problems will be solved. Also the main deity is called as "Sri Vaithya VeeraRaghava perumal".

The main deity Sri Veeraraghava Perumal is in reclining position on Nagarajar which is similar to Srirangam Perumal position. Lords right hand is in blessing position towards "Salihothra Munivar" and left hand has a symbol indicating that he is teaching the vedas to Lord Brahma.

Tulasi is offered to Perumal and on most of the days , archakas are performing Archanas to the main deity.

Sthala History

In Krita Yuga, a sage by name Purupunyar lived with his wife Satyavathi in Badarikashram. They had no children. Purupanyar performed a Sali Yajna with great devotion. On the last day, Lord Narayana was pleased and appeared in the sacrificial fire to offer boons. The Sage prayed for a noble son.The boon was granted with the condition that he should be named after the name of the Yajna as Salihotran.

The child was named Salihotran. With the growth of years, the child showed signs of precocity and started on a pilgrimage-visiting temple after temple. On Thai Amavasya day (New Moon day in January-February), he reached Tiruvallur where he found that Lord Brahma, other Devas and great sages like Vasishtha, were engaged in taking bath in the Hrittapanasini pond.

Next year, on the same Pushya Amavasya day ( Thai amavasya ), he completed one year of penance and took a holy bath in the Hrittapanasini tank and observed his morning prayers. As he was fasting for one year without food or drink, he collected on that day some paddy and prepared prasadam out of that. He divided it into three parts; the first part was offered to Lord Narayana.The second part was kept for offering as charity and the third for his own consumption. At this juncture, Lord Narayana took the form of an old Brahmin and came the way where Salihotran was waiting to offer the share to a guest. When Salihotran saw the old Brahmin, he immediately requested him to grace his hermitage. He respectfully offered to the Brahmin the prasadam meant for the guest. Quickly the Brahmin ate up the offering and Salihotran felt from his facial appearance that he was not satisfied.

On inquiry, he learnt that the old Brahmin had had no food for the last 4 or 5 days and his hunger was not fully satisfied. 2nd portion kept for himself was offered to the guest. The guest was satisfied and asked Salihotran, "Where is the place for me to lie (Evvul)?" (where to stay), the Sage had replied pointing to his hut as "Ivvul" (inside the hut). Hence the name is called "ThiruEvvul". It is also said that Lord Shiva got rid of his Brahmahatti Dosha on account of killing Daksha by worshiping Lord Vishnu here. There is a small temple for Lord Shiva near the temple tank.

Nearest airport in Chennai
Nearest railway station is Thiruvallore
Nearest bus stop is Thiruvallore.

It takes close to 2 hrs from Chennai to visit this temple by road or train.

There is also Sri Raghavendra Swamy Madam close to this temple.

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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Pattinathar Temple - Thiruvottiyur , Chennai

Recently few weeks back I had the blessings of God to visit Pattinathar Temple in Thiruvotiyur. Most of the chennai people might not be aware of this place but this is so powerful. Infact I was informed that this temple is powerful and a water mixed with Vibhudi is so powerful and by sprinkling that it will vanish all the bad omens at home.

This temple is very close the the beach and they are re-constructing this temple along with Dyana mandapam. New rennovated temple should be ready by 2013 quarter.

Patinathar was one of the 63 nayanmar. He was born in rich family and followed his father's footstep. Once his father sent him with merchandise and he returned back with the dried coconut leaves. His father got angry and put him in the room and when he tried to throw the dried leaves, it all turned gold and priceless gems. When his father returned back to see Patinathar, he was handed over with a box which said

      "Not even an eyeless needle will accompany you in the final journey of life."

Pattinathar realized the philosophy and renounced everything his wife, wealth, kith and kin and all materialistic attachments in life. He sang many songs in the name of god and adviced not to attach to body pleasures as body perishes and become food for animals and worms. Think of God and surrender to his feet.

This temple has the samadhi of Patinathar. Usually Pattinathar plays with kids and one day he requested kids to cover him with a vessel and kids did that and expected him to come out in a different way, however it did not happen. When the kids open the vessel they found the siva lingam. Pattinathar attained mukthi in this way and this "Lingam" is still seen in Thiruvotiyur temple which is 500+ years old.

The below 2 poems are very interesting and should be an eye opener to few of them

Some updated pictures from recent visit which is after the kumbabishekam

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