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Iravatheswarar temple or Airavatheswarar Temple; Mrithyunjesarar temple - Iravasthanam - Kanchipuram

Iravatheswarar temple or Airavatheswarar Temple; Mrithyunjesarar temple - Iravasthanam - Kanchipuram

As we all know, Kanchipuram is one the main temple town in Tamilnadu like Kumbakonam and it is splitted into Siva Kanchi and Vishnu Kanchi. As name suggests, Siva Kanchi consists of Siva temple which are also called as Padal Petra sthalam and Vishnu kanchi consists of Perumal / Vishnu temples and infact out of 108 Divya desams 20+ are based in kanchipuram and it shows the signifiance of this temple.

Kanchipuram is also one of the seven puniya sthala in India as per Garudapuranam. The places like Ayothya, Mathura, Haridwar, Varanasi, Avanthika, Dwakara and Kanchipuram are considered as Mokstha sthala where we get liberation from cycles of birth

Kanchipuram has been ruled by sevaral people and prominent of them are Pallavas followed by Cholas. Infact, Pallavas had Kanchi as their capital. Kanchi is referred by Tirunavukkarasar as a boundless wisdom – Kalviyil Karayiladha Kanchi Managarm and beauty city – Nakareshu Kanchi - by great poet Mahakavi Kalidas.

This temple Iravatheswarar or Airavatheswarar is located right next to Railway station. As I have been born and brought up in Siva Kanchi and this place is very close to my house. Infact in my childwood days we used to play in this area without knowing the significance. This temple was almost in depleted state during those time with full of trees and plants.

Recently 5 - 6 years back when i visited I fould this temple has been taken under the control of Indian Archealogical group and hence was intersted to visit. The areas has been cleaned and temple is being maintained with Priest regularly.  SwethaKulam is the sacred Theertha of the temple.

This temple seems to be built between 6 - 8th century by Pallava king Narashimavarman II alias Rajasimhan. The significance of the temple is circular goppuram or vimana which is considered as splendid architectural work. This temple is considered as minor siva temple and the main entrace do not have any gopuram like typical south indian temple, either it was never constructed or depleted with time for which no records available.

Significance of this temple is that Markandeyar had workshipped lord Siva here he got the boon of not becoming old at any time of his life in the earth and he will be reach adobe of heaven only when he decides. Hence this temple is referred as Iravatheswarar which means there is no death until we wish for it. To continue this legacy and importance, Ayush homa for kids under 5 years of age are done in this temple. Temple has only 2 major locations. One Nandi with in smaller vimana right infront of Lord Siva and then need to get into few steps to reach the bigger shrine where Lord Siva is there to grace his devotees. Legend also goes like Sages reached out ot Lord Brahma for life longitivity and he advised the sages to go to Kanchi and workship Lord Siva, as per this guidance, all the sages visited Kanchi and installed siva linga and got their boon, hence this place is also Iravatheswarar or Iravasthanam / Iravasthalam

The lord Siva is referred as Mrithunjeswarar and the temple is referred as Mrithyunjewsarar / Mrityunjeshwarar temple - Iravasthalam which means no death till we wish for it.

The temple is open from 6.00 a.m. to 11.00 a.m. and from 4.00 p.m. to 8.00 p.m.

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