Friday, May 1, 2015

Pillaryarpatti - Karpaga Vinayagar

This is one of the famous place in south tamilnadu and dedicated temple for Lord Vinayagar.

This is managed by Nagarathar and it is one of the 10 temples that falls in their management

Vinayakar here is unique where he comes with just two hands and stays  in Yoga posture which means he blesses all from this temple

This is the tallest vinayagar in south india with close to 10 feet high and has been carved out of the a hill rock. Since this is carved out of rock, no one can do pradakshina as there is no space to do the same

This is also rich in architecture and has been built by Pandiya kingdom and we can see the architecture across the temple.There is also a siva lingam next to Vinayakar and there are scriptures in the wall which says this was build around 4th century. Based on this it is concluded that this is the oldest vinayagar temple available based on the  history and scriptures.

This temple has big water tank and vinaykar chathurthi is famous in this temple which is celebrated for 10 days.

Karpaga vinayakar can be seen usually with gold kavasam or silver kavasam Only during abhisekam we can see the vinayakar without kavasam an this is very rare.

Temple opens from 6 - 1 PM and 4 - 8.30 PM. This is very close to Karaikal ( 20 Kms ) and 3 Kms ( from thirupathur ) or 80 KMs from Madurai.

I visited from Madurai which took 90 mins of bus journey to reach this place.

Arungampul is very famous and people give this as a garland to Lord Vinayagar to get his blessings. Also if there are not much rush, priests does keep the things under Lord's feet based on our requests.

Kanchi / Kanchipettu - Kailasanathar Perumal temple

This is one of the richest heritage temple in Kanchipuram. Built by Pallavas and one of the oldest temple in kanchipuram or shiva kanchi.

Lord Siva is in lingam form and it is big in size close to 10 feet. This temple is known for its richest architecture and currently under indian archaeological group.

Thought built by Pallavas in early 8th century, down the road aroudn 11th century when Cholas ruled entire south India , King Raja Raja Chola visit this place and stunned by its architecture and named this temple as Kachipettu Periya Thirukatrali

To come around Shiva lingam in the main sanctum, one has to go through a small opening by knell or crawl, after which we can walk straight and which coming out, again we have to bend and crawl to come out

Legend behind this is to describe human cycle, we born , crawl, kneel and then walk, again during end of the life we tend to get bend, again kneel crawl and ultimately vanish. Idea is to make people understand this

There is also saying that who goes through this will not have re-birth

Some of the pictures that depicts the architecture of this temple which was started by Raja Narashima varma and completed by Mahendra vanrman

[ஸ்ரீ கிருஷ்ணார்ப்பணம் ]