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Marudeeswarar temple - Thiruvanmiyur Chennai

Marudeeswarar temple - Thiruvanmiyur Chennai

This is one of the ancient temples and also part of 276 padal petra sthalam. This temple is located on near the beach on the ECR road of Chennai.
This is one of the temples where we have suyambu lingam and it is just about 2 feet tall.

The siva lingam here is called as Marudeeswarar means who has provided medicinal value to cure all illness. There is a strong beleif that visitng this temple will cure any kind of illness that people go through. Parvathi is called as Tiripurasundari and resides in a separate mandapam adjacent to Lord Marudeswarar.

This temple has been visited and sung by both Appar and Thirugnanasambandar.

This temple has been visited and prayed by several sages like Valmiki, Sage Agasthiya, Lord Brahma, Indira, Kamadenu , Lord Rama, Brigu Maharishi, lord Yama and many more. This temple has entrances on both east and west side and both have 5 tier gopurams. The one located on the ECR road is the west side gopuram which has just 1 gate entrance while the east side one has 3 gate entrances.

There are two version of history around the visit of Sage Valmiki, one version states that sage valmiki visited this place to get rid of his sins that he did as a robber and was blessed by Lord Siva, other version, Sage Valmiki wanted to get rid of his mortal body and attain salvation, reaching this place , he worked Lord Siva, who appeared in front of Vanni tree (sthala virusham) and blessed him and provided Salvation. In either versions, Lord Siva wanted the name of this place in memory of his devotee and named it as Thiruvalmikiyur, however this turned out to be as Thirvanmiyur in current trend, still there is a place called Valmiki nagar in this area. Very close by to this temple, there is another temple for Sage Valmiki.

Also once Sage Agasthiyar was suffering from stomach pain and workshiped lord Siva here who again appeared in the marriage form with Goddess Parvathi under Vanni tree and provided medicinal steps to cure his pain, Sage Agasthiyar also requested and got the knowledge of all the medicinal herbs that cure illness, hence the main deity Lord Siva is called as Marudeeswarar.

Divine cow visted this place and did milk abhishekam everyday to get rid of her sins and hence the lord is also called as Palvanna nathar.Lord Rama, Hanuman have visited this place while coming in search of Sita, Lord Brahma visited this place and workshiped Leord Siva and also built the temple tank. Lord Yama visited this place to get rid of his sins that he did with Markandeyar and was blessed here by Lord Siva.

This temple has several history and hymns sung by Appar and Thirugnanasambandar. Temple also has references in other temples like Kapaleeswarar temple which shows the history. King Rajendra chola visited this temple multiple times during his rule and donated several things for the temple. Inscriptions of this are found in the temple that goes back to 11th century.

Sage Arunagirinathar visited this temple and sung hymns on Lord Murugar in Thirupugazh compilation during 16th century.

Only Siva temple that is seen facing west, while Tirupurasundari goddess faces south and both Lord Vinayakar and Murugar face east,

Main mantapam has status of 63 nayanmars , Bairavar, Lord Vishnu, Natarajar , Vinayakar , Gajalakshmi inside the main mandapa prakaram.

Temple follows traditional aru kala pooja and Panguni festival is celebrated here in grandeur

This temple is located on the ECR road and easily accessible within the city. All the three temples, Kapaleeswarar in mylapore , Thiyagarayar in Tiruvotiyur and Marudeeswar in Thiruvanmiyur forms the trinity temple for the Chennai city. 

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