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Thingalur - Chandra / Chandran GOD Parihara sthalam

Thingalur - Apputhi adigal - Chandran GOD

Temple visits - Thingalur Temple Temple visits - Thingalur Temple
This is one of the 9 Navagraha parihara sthalam in Tamilnadu. This is located very close to Tanjavur, around 20 mins drive from Tanjavur or 45 mins drive from Kumbakonam. This is very small temple but powerful temple.

Main God is Siva as in anyother Navagraha temple and he is named as Kailasanathar and Thayar Parvathi as Periya Nayaki amman is residing very next to Lord Siva. Chandran has the temple just outside the main deity and has a separate shrine. Chandran in tamil is called as Thingal and hence the name Thingalur retained for the village.

It it still a village with rice as the main agricultural activity. Usually born babies will be fed with rice after 6 months and usually first rice or annaprasanam would be given in the temple and it is very famous in Guruvayurappan temple, the same ritual is also famous in this temple.
The babies are shown moon first and then cow before feeding their first rice. We usually see kids are shown moon while they are taking their dinner and it is not just for diversion but it has a spritual reason, Moon is shown as water god and cow shown as medicinal god so that even if kids get cold or fever it is been taken care.

This temple is believed to be constructed by Cholas sometime around 10-11th century and one of the 276 padal petra sthalam.

There was a famous merchan who lived in this city called Apputhi / Appoodi Adigal who had great respect on the name of Appar ( one the top 63 nayanmars). While he has not met Appar once, he became his devottee by mind, he did not even workship lord siva to the extend that he workshipped appar. The devotion was such that he named in sons as Elder(periya) Thirunavuakarasar and youger (chinna) Thirunavukarasar. He started to build water service, annadanam all other social activities in the name of Appar. When Appar came to this village he wondered on the services which were on his name and wanted to see Apputhi adigal, hearing this Apputhi adigal was very happy and requested his son to get banana leaves for Appar to provide food, unfortunately in the field, a snake bit the son and he was dead, while Apputhi adigal was heard about this, he did not worry but he was very much keen to take care of Appar who is visiting his house. When Appar visited and heard the incident, he did a padigam as below

and rightaway the son came back to life. Hence in this place till date even there is a bite from snake, the poison never gets into the entire body is a miracle. Anyone suffering from Chandran dosham should visit here and do the pariharam, peferably during chandra horai time.

currently the temple is being rennovated.

Temple timings are from 6 am to 12 pm and 4 pm to 8 pm
[ஸ்ரீ கிருஷ்ணார்ப்பணம்]

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Perur Patteswaram Temple - Kongu Mandalam - Coimbatore

Perur Patteswaram Temple - Kongu Mandalam - Coimbatore

This temple is located near the Kongu belt at a place called Perur. This temple is very historic and has a legend over 1000 years.

Temple timings are : open at 6 AM to 1 PM and re-open at 4 PM to 8.30 PM

This is also one of the padal petra sthalam out of 276 temples.

History : This temple has been built by Karikala cholan in early 7-8th century. This temple depicts Tamil architecture even before Peruvudaiyar Thanjai Periya Koil 3 - 4 centuries before. Great King Raja Raja Chola built Artha mandapam and Maha Mandapam during his 9-10th century period.
Temple saw donations from other kingdoms like Hoysala, Vijayanagara and Nayakars during later period with hefty endowments to maintain the temple. Famous dancing Kanaga sabai was built by Nayak rulers in 17th century.

The main deity is suyambu lingam and named as Patteswaranathar with her wife Parvathi in the name of Pachai nayaki. Since this is mukthi sthalam, Lord Murugar resides in between Lord and Mother in the form of somasundarar. Lord Ganesa is termed here as Patti vinayakar. This temple also has perumal , Anjeneyar shirnes. There are several architectural carvings in the pillars tbeo depict ancient culture and how they lived 1000 years before. There is a shrine dedicated to Shiva where it is believed that Lord Shiva appeared in dancing posture in the same place. Tamarid tree is associated with this temple and it is called as Pirava puli as the seeds from this tree will not grow anywhere even it is sowed and water correctly


The legend goes that Kamadenu was in penance with Lord Siva to get the creator post and she milked the Suyambu lingam everyday, she had a calf named Patti who was playful and one day without knowingly, Patti put her feet in the top of the lingam, Kamadenu cow was very upset and prayed to Lord Siva to pardon them. Lord appeared and informed Kamadenu cow that he is not angry and informed that this place will be called as Kamadenapuri or Pattipuri and he will reside in the same place as Patteswaranathar. Since Kamadenu and Patti's mistakes were pardoned, this place is mapped as Salvation place. The cowdung in this place and surroundings will not have any worms which is still a miracle and so does pirava puli tree seeds.

Appar and Sundarar had visited this place and sung hymns on the Patteswaranathar in Devaram, hence this place has gained Padal Petra sthalam.
Arunagirinathar has also visited this place and sung hymns on soma sundarar during 15th century.

Panguni uthiram is very famous in this temple which happens in Apr - May timeframe. Also every year, classical dancers will gather and perform in the temple for the Lord as it is beleived that Siva performed Anantha thandavam in this place.

[ஸ்ரீ கிருஷ்ணார்ப்பணம்]

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Kapaleeswarar Temple - Kayilaiyae Mayilai, Mayilaiyae Kayilai - Mylapore - Thirumayilai

Kapaleeswarar Temple - Kayilaiyae Mayilai, Mayilaiyae Kayilai

Kapaleeswar Temple is located in the hot of the Chennai city around 2 kms from sea shore. This temple is quiet historic and legends goes beyond 6th century.

Temple opens from 5 AM in the morning till 12.30 PM and reopens again at 4 PM to 9 PM

Once Parvathi was very interested to know the meaning of OM NAMASHIVAYA and reason of ashes being used. After asking Lord Shiva multiple times, finally Lord Shiva agreed to share the reasons, while sharing the reasons, like any student Goddess Parvathi was distracted by a peacock which was dancing, seeing this Lord felt furious and cursed Goddess Parvathi to become Peacock, after a while, Lord came to normal and informed Parvathi in peacock form to do the penance in Mayilai. Agreeing to that Goddess in peacock form went and built a linga and did the penance, 
Seeing this, Lord was completely satisfied and converted the Peacock back to Goddess Parvathi and made her to be Karpagavalli Thayar (a) Karpagambal. Goddess also requested Lord to change the place name to Mayyilai which now converted to Mylapore. Mayilai means Mayil ( peacock) residing place.

Also once Lord Brahma was considered him equal to Lord Shiva and was disrespectful, Lord Shiva got hurted and plucked one of the faces of Lord Brahma and removed him from creator role. Understanding his fault, Lord Brahma went to Mayillai where he did the penance with the same Linga and got back his creator role again.

The temple is several years old, Thalami, a greek researcher has referred this location as Malliarpa 2000 years back, means peacock residing place

It is beleived that this temple was built by Pallavas in 5th or 6th century as Mayillai references goes way back during this period. All the three Nayanmars Appar, Sundarar, Gnasambandar have visited this place and praised Hymns. Thiru Gnana sambandar has refered this place in Thiruvasagam which is supposed to be around 7th or 8th century.

This is also the place where Thirugnanasambandar brought back a girl to life from her ashes. There was a siva follower named Sivanesan lived in Mayilai, he had a daughter named Poompavai. Upon hearing about the child Thirugnanasambandar, Sivanesan wished to get her daughter married to him. However one fine day while walking, Poompavai was bit by a snake and she was dead, Sivanesan was very said by this incident, however retained her bone and ashes to hand it over to Thirugnanasambandar when he meets him. When Thirugnanasambandar came to Mayilai, Sivanesan told his wish and story and gave the pot with bones and ashes to him. Hearing this, Thirugnanasambandar started to sing a pathigam of 10 verses beggining with "Mattita Punnai' where he talked about every Pooja that happens to Kabaleeswarar in this temple and asked how can the girl get disappeared without seeing those, much to everyone's suprise, the pot broke and she came back in the same way how she was. Sivanesan joy knew know bound and asked the saint to marry his daughter, however Thirugnanasambandar refused and informed him that he is not equal to father as he brought her back to life. Poompavai spent rest of her life by serving to Kapaleeswarar and reached Lord's feet.

All the 3 nayanmars visited this place and it is 24th in the list of 276 padal petra sthalam, Lord Rama did pooja here before travelling to Lanka, Arunagirinathar visited this place and praised Lord Murugar in singaravelan form in his Thirupgazh; Lord Muruga got his Vel from  Mother Parvathi in this same place before soorasamharam. This place is also called as Sukrapuri as Sukrachariyar prayed Lord Siva here. All the 4 vedas had visited and prayed to Kabaleeswarar here. Vayilar attained moksha in this place. Saint Thiruvalluvar's birth place is Mayilai who wrote Thirukural which is still hold good for current life style of people.

In all the references this temple was in sea shore, however portugese demolished this temple during their invasion and later Vijayanagar Kingdom  re-built this temple inside the city by raising it from the left over remains. The current goppuram was build in 19th century.

Temple has Vinayagar right the entrace and is called as dancing vinayagar.Singaravelar is next with Valli and Deivayanai. Goddess here is refered as Karpagambal and then Lord Siva in lingam form is referred as Kapaleeswarar. Special entrace tickets are available for fast entrance. The temple also has a big pond. Panguni bramotsavam is very famous in this temple which happens during Apr-May time frame where everyone visits this temple to get Lord's blessing

Temple also has navagraha like any siva temple and has cows where we can feed the cows and do koo pooja

[ஸ்ரீ கிருஷ்ணார்ப்பணம்]

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Mahalaya Paksha 2017, Pitru paksha 2017 dates 6 sep to 21 sep

Mahalaya Paksha 2017 , Pitru paksha 2017 - 6-sep to 21-sep

Mahalaya paksha tamil , telugu 

Problems are part of life, it is always up and down, no straight line, but if someone is going through problems after problem in life with no solution and no stop gaps even after doing all kinds of donations, temple poojas, pariharams, annadanams etc but still the problem remains then pls go ahead further with this post.

This mahalaya paksha dates are 6-Sep to 21-Sep which is very critical, the 15 days that comes every year right after ganesh festival will help to change your problem straight line. This period is called Mahalaya paksha / paksham / pitru paksham.

Mahalaya paksham is an important event that happens every year right after ganesh chaturthi / festival, while this is considered inauspicious, a death rite is performed during this cermony known as tarpanam / tarpan / tharpanam in tamil and shraddha in north. It starts right after the first day ending new moon known as mahalaya amavasya or pitru amavasya. Also scientifically if i can say, sun transitions from northern to southern hemisphere durig this time.

in general, as per our hindu culture, the three generations of ancestors live in pitru loka right after death. There are 14 lokas where 7 are upper part of the loka and 7 are on the lower side of the loka. So when the next generation of soul / athma / atma leave the body, the elder ancestor in pitru loka will move higher up to reach god.

This is the reason usually tarpanam / tarpan or shraddha are doing for 3 levels of ancestors and not beyond that.

Also from mahabharata, when karna / karnan went to upper loka, he got everything except food, when enquired, he was told that in all his life he gave all kind of donations and help but did not provide food / annadanam to anyone or tarpanam / tharpanam or mahalaya paksha sankalpam 2017 to his elders. He did informed that he was not aware of his ancestors till the last min and hence he was not able to do that. Hearing his argument, lord yama sent him back to the world for 15 days to do this tarpanam /tharpanam so that he gets what he wanted.
scientifically during this period sun transits to tula / libra which confirms the beggining period of this mahalaya paksha and stays there for a month before moving into viruchigam / virchika or scorpia. The beleif is during this period the ancestors were free to go from pitru loka and they reach to their descendants home and it is believed that they have to do whatever they can to please their ancestors during this 15 days to get their blessings

generally if someone is not doing tarpanam on every amavasya, doing it on mahalaya is very important as this would cover all the remaining months.

what needs to be done is very simple, for all these 15 days, pls make sure to be clean, take a bowl of rice mixed well with ellu or sesame.

clean the place in the open area with water and place this mixed rice with little amount of rice for crows (who are considered as a version of ancestors in hindu religion). Continue doing this everyday for all these 15 days, also feeding cows, providing food for dis-abled / elders would also help. This is very simple but a powerful act that will help to get rid of your miserable problems slowly. If possible, try avoiding onion, garlic, potato, alcohol etc.

Try this every year

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Sri Muktheeswarar temple - Athur, Kanchipuram

Sri Muktheeswarar temple - Athur, Kanchipuram

This is one of the old temple, it is beleived to be constructed somewhere 1500+ years earlier. This temple is located on the banks of palaru river. it is located in a peaceful place where there is no commercial disturbances.

It is beleived that this temple linga was identified by Mudhalam Kulothungan chozhan during his travel to Mamallapuram. Later Chola kings started to build this temple shrine by providing abundant funds.

Chokeesan Thirunilai ( therku raja gopuram in thillai , chidambaram natarajar temple)
 During the period of Koperunchingan the Athur Muktheeshwarar temple's revenue has been colllected and diverted to build the south raja gopuram
in Thillai ( Chidambaram Natarajar temple ). This inscription is seen in both Chidambaram and Muktheeswarar temple
This inscription alone shows the popularity and importance of this temple during those days.

This temple is still well maintained and peaceful. Temple has shrines for Lord Vinayaka, Amman , lord Murugar, Navagrahas.

The signifance of this lingam is that there is a thin line that runs across the bana lingam which is very rare in nature and the lingam is facing

The other significance of this temple is of Jyesta devi facing straight of navagraha carrying two sons. The importance of lighting 3 or 5 or 9 lamps towards this devi on Saturday during 9 - 10.30 am is of significance as it erodes all bad omens. Also if we stay for 1 nazhigai or 24 mins in the main garbhagraham is important to get rid of bad / negative effects in life

Temple is 1 hr away from Chennai and 5 mins from chengalpet station. Share autos and local bus facilities are available. From bus stop it takes just 5 mins to reach the temple.

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Srirangam - boologa vaikundam , thiruvarangam - Ranga Ranga Ranga

Srirangam - boologa vaikundam , thiruvarangam - Ranga Ranga Ranga

srirangam is one of the foremost self formed shrine, it is the first of 108 divya desams which shows its significance. This temple has seven prakarams and 21 towers. Signifiance of Srirangam is on the bed of river cauvery, one side it is called Cauvery and other side it is called kollidam. Srirangam has vast history from the days of epic Ramayana.

After Lord Rama became king again, Vibhishana was there in Ayodhya to attend the cermony. After the cermony, LORD RAMA gave the Ranganathar Idol to Vibhishana and requested him to carry this straight to his kingdom and do not place anywhere. During his travel, king Vibhishana was attracted towards river Cauvery and was very intersted to get dipped in the river. He was looking around and this is where the epic reveals that Lord Ganesha came in the form of a boy who offered King to carry the Status till he comes after his bath. However the Lord Ganesh in the form of boy, informed him that he will call the king 3 times before he keeps it down if he is not able to hold it. With this agreement King went to bathe in river cauvery, however during his time in river cauvery, Lord Ganesh in boy form informed kind that he is not able to bear it and counted it three times, while king understands the implication, he was not able to come out of river cauvery without doing his 3 dips, which resulted in placing the statue on the cauvery river basin. When king came back, he was not able to move the Ranganathar statue and was very upset.

Lord came in kings dream and informed that he wanted to stay in this land and requested king to go back to his kingdom, however he will continue to watch him from here, hence this temple and main deity was always facing south to keep an eye on Lanka.

This temple has several references in Alwar hymns including Andal.

Another history of this temples goes like, during 13th century, this city was invaded by north rulers where the statue of azgiya manalan was taken up by the rulers, however the daughter of the ruler was attracted towards this statue and because of her , the statue returned back to Srirangam along with her, there is a shrine for her named under Thulakha Nachiyar.

This temple is one of the biggest temple in india and the main tower is one of the tallest.

right after entering the main tower, we can see a shrine for Chakarathalwar which is of huge significance, the alwar is with 12 hands and very powerful.

There is also a huge Garudan statue which is of huge signifance. This temple is also parihara sthalam for Lord Sukran which happens every friday.

having viswa roopa darisanam is of main signifance. Darshan is of very peaceful and dont forget to watch the foot of the lord which is of important. There are only 2 divya desams where we can see lord in sayana position and Srirangam is most signifance of those.


From Tirchy, it is just 5 kms and there are several local buses that drops us in front of the temple. This temple will definitely give a peaceful mind