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Panchamukhi Temple

Panchamukhi - Divine place where Guru Baghavan Raghavendra Swamy did Tapasya for 12 years

The rocky hill of Gaanadhaal village a sacred vicinity. This place is currently called as Gaanadhaal Panchamukhi. Panchamukhi is around 10 Kms from Mantralayam. Devotees have to cross Tungabadra river through parisal and look for local auto / van to reach Panchamukhi from Mantralayam.

Sri PraanaDevaru who is the propagator of  HARISARVOTTAMATVA is the famous PANCHAMUKHI.  Rayaru did Tapasya there.PraanaDevaru became Pratyaksha to Rayaru and saw the five faces

PraanaDevaru - Sri Hanuman
Sri Varaahamurthy - to the right of the PraanaDevaru
Sri GarudaDevaru - to the right of the PraanaDevaru
Sri NarasimhaDevaru - to the right of the PraanaDevaru
Sri HayagreevaDwevaru - to the left of the PraanaDevaru, holding the weapons in their hands.

Sri PranaDevaru ( Sri Hanuman) towards East direction

This face removes all blemishes of sin and confers purity of mind.

Sri Narasimha Devaru towards South direction

Removes fear of enemies and confers victory. Narasimha is the Lion-Man avatar of Lord Vishnu,
who took the form to protect his devotee from evil. Hanuman may have had this face during the
burning of Lanka and fighting in the war.

Sri Garuda Devaru towards West direction

Drives away evil spells, black magic influences, negative spirits and removes all poisonous
effects in one's body. Garuda is Lord Vishnu's vehcile, this bird knows the secrets of death
and the beyond. The Garuda Purana is a Hindu text based on this knowledge.

Sri Varaha Devaru towards North direction

   Wards off the troubles caused by bad influences of the planets and confers all eight types
   prosperity (Ashta Aishwarya). Varaha is another Lord Vishnu avatar, he took this form and dug
upland, Hanuman may have had this face whilst collecting the Sanjeev mountain.

Sri Hayagriva devaru Upwards(Urdhva Mukha) face towards sky.

confers knowledge, victory, good wife and progeny.

LORD VENKATESHWARA gave darshana to our Guru Raghavendra Swamyon that rocky hill only.It is heartening to know that what an amount of intense of Bhakti Sri Rayaru is having towards SRIHARI.

As a mark of all these signs of sanctity today we can see along with Panchamukhi PraanaDevaru Lord Venkataramana and Rayara Brindavana where Rayaru sat for Tapasya.No one has carved,they are all naturally formed and famed.

There is also a history on this Panchamuka face of Pranadevaru ( Lord Hanuman )

Rama and Lakshmana are captured by the rakshasa Mahiravana (or Ahiravan), brother of Ravana, who held them captive in their palace in Patala,the netherworld. Mahiravana keeps them as offerings to his deity. Searching for them, Hanuman reaches Patala, the gates of which are guarded by a young creature called Makardhwaja (known also as Makar-Dhwaja or Magar Dhwaja), who is part reptile and part Vanara.
The story of Makardhwaja's birth is said to be that when Hanuman extinguished his burning tail in the ocean, a drop of his sweat fell into the waters, eventually becoming Makardhwaja, who perceives Hanuman as his father. When Hanuman introduces himself to Makardhwaja, the latter asks his blessings, but fights him to fulfill the task of guarding the gate. Hanuman defeats and imprisons him to gain entry.

Upon entering Patala, Hanuman discovers that to kill Mahiravana, he must simultaneously extinguish five lamps burning in different directions. Hanuman assumes the Panchamukha or five-faced form of Sri Varaha facing north, Sri Narasimha facing south, Sri Garuda facing west, Sri Hayagriva facing the sky and his own facing the east, and blows out the lamps. Hanuman then rescues Rama and Lakshmana. Afterwards, Rama asks Hanuman to crown Makardhwaja king of Patala. Hanuman then instructs Makardhwaja to rule Patala with justice and wisdom.

[ஸ்ரீ கிருஷ்ணார்ப்பணம் ]


I wanted to start a new blog on my temple visits.

Being a devotee of my Baghavan Guru Raghavendra Swamy, wanted to start my blog with Mantralayam temple town.

I had been blessed by  Bagavan Raghavendra Swamy to visit Mantralayam for the first time in Feb 2011. I became a devote of Bagavan Raghavendra Swamy 3 years back and when I visited India , I made sure to go to Mantralayam. It has been a very good experience and I had a great Darshan of Bagavan Raghavendra Swamy.
This is a sure place to visit at least once in a life time to feel the experience of the vibration in this area.

If you have plan to visit in near future, please spend sometime there in the Mutt with meditation as there are very good vibes. In this blog, I am posting few pictures of my Mantralayam visit.

This is the Tungabadra river and parisal to cross the river to visit Bichali and Panchamuki Anjeneyar. Earlier we had a bridge to cross the river, but due to severe floods in 2009, the bridge was complete gone and this is the only mode of commutation. They charge 40 Rs per person for a round trip.

Main entrance of Bagavan Raghavendra Swamy mutt... All are newly painted after the flood situation

Other side of the Tungabadra river. We need to cross the river to visit Panchamukhi Anjeneyar temple and Bichali. There is not much water in the river and it is not much deep. Only risk of walking across the river is the rocks. It takes 20 Min's to cross the river with Parisal. Once you crossed it, you can get an auto to visit these 2 places. However after the flood situation, the roads are very very bad. Govt should do something to reconstruct the roads. It will be very difficult for old people to travel in auto. Generally you can rent auto separately or share the auto. They charge Rs 50 per person for round trip. If you rent it separately for your family it will be expense but a better journey

Main entrance of Panchamukhi Anjeneyar temple.

Below description informs the devotees that Bagavan Raghavendra Swamy spent 12 years in Penance in this cave. Below picture also shows the foot print of Anjeneyar swamy. You can also see lots of monkeys in this area but they as always they are not harmful.

Naturally formed rock close to Panchamukhi Anjeneyar temple.

Main entrance of Bagavan Raghavendra Swamy Mutt.

Newly renovated Machali Amman temple. Please make sure to visit this temple before entering Bagavan Raghavendra Swamy Mutt

Mantralyam Mutt Administrative office to pay and buy tickets for sevas, donations etc

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