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Have been visiting temples from childhood, however did not understood the reason for building temples when we have Pooja room at home, but then as I start getting older and moving more towards spiritual, started to learn the purpose of temples and why it is done in certain way and its history.

Early days, there were not much information about temples, however now there are few bloggers who do this. When visiting temples and talking to priests, others and local people there are more history behind each and every temple and hence started this blog to capture all the temples that I have visited so that it will be benefit to others who plans / searches net to get information.

About me, I am a simple person and trying to get into spiritual direction. Just started to roll over and long way to go to crawl and then walk in this journey. Life is always a great teacher.

I would be happy if this site helps someone in corner of the world to get the information that they wanted.

There is nothing that I own, all the temples were built by someone , maintained by someone , I am able to visit these temples with the blessings of my Guru Baghavan Sri Raghavendra Swamy. So who am I to own the copyright of the content

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